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Which Organization to Support?

Under the umbrella of FCNL are two nonprofit organizations:

  • Friends Committee on National Legislation, and
  • FCNL Education Fund

Including either in your estate plans is a wonderful way of assuring that the future has an advocate.

Friends Committee on National Legislation

Entity: 501(c)(4) nonprofit corporation

Federal Tax Identification Number: 53-0178883

Your estate gift :

  • Helps field the largest team of registered peace lobbyists in Washington, DC.
  • Advances public policy based on Quaker testimonies of peace, equality, simplicity and truth.
  • Supports Quaker lobbying in the public interest, since 1943
  • Is not tax-deductible*

Suggested Legacy Gifts

FCNL Education Fund

Entity: 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation

Federal Tax Identification Number: 52-1254489

Your estate gift :

  • Educates and informs the public and government leaders about issues that have long been of concern to Quakers and others.
  • Supports the research, analysis and education for which we are known and respected.
  • Is tax-deductible

Suggested Legacy Gifts

* Since only about 1% of estates are large enough to be taxed by the federal government, there rarely is an estate tax benefit to naming FCNL Education Fund versus Friends Committee on National Legislation in your will. We therefore encourage you to give these gifts to Friends Committee on National Legislation. Please check with a tax advisor to see if your estate is likely to be subject to federal or state estate taxes.

For more Information: Mary Comfort Ferrell, Planned Giving Director, 202-903-2539 or 800-630-1330